Anti-Spam and Mail

Today a Company's mail system is vital to their everyday communications. A mail system needs to be available at all times and resilient to compromise.
Securing a mail system is as important as it being available.

Lemberger & Associates have many years developing customised single mail servers or mail clusters for high availability. We can feed on this experience in designing a suitable mail system for your Company. This includes Groupware systems with Webmail and iCal solutions for Companies who have employees on the move.

Spam and suspect phishing/malicious mail can take up your valuable time and resources to identify and root out and therefore cost your Company money.
Accessing infected mail can also cause your systems to be compromised if the wrong link or attachment is opened.

We can offer mail systems with per person or company wide customised spam filtering. We also offer centralised mail anti-virus to protect you from compromise.

A complete mail system can be secure, intelligent and available at all times; therefore saving you time and money and allowing you to do business as usual.