Content Control Systems

As a Company you may find you want to control what your employees can access while at work. This could because you want to enforce security policies, protect them from the more tasteless parts of the internet or simply control time wasting.

Proxy servers can be placed on your internet egress points and customised to prevent your employees accessing certain websites. This can include:

  • Known 'bad' sites, such as those hosting phishing attacks.
  • Content based blocking, such as adult content.
  • Non-essential sites, such as social networking.

    As an employer you may also want to monitor the internet activity on your network. This can be done by storing the proxy servers activity in a monitoring solution. We are also able to advise you on the legality of this.

    This system is not only of use to Companies but can be used in Schools and Local Authorities to control what the pupils and teachers access.

    We are also able to help your Company build the policies to make sure your employees follow your controls.