Data Leak Prevention

Whether you are doing it to comply with your Regulator or simply because it is best practice, protecting your confidential data is imperative.

Data leakage should be considered as a two tier problem:

  • Potential ingress and egress points in your Company could lead to unintentional or malicious 'leaks.' Examples include poorly configured firewalls or content control proxies.
  • Those who access the data may be malicious employees carrying out industrial espionage or misguided employees misplacing data. Poorly written policies around document control or lack of security awareness could lead to accidental leakages.

    Our Consultants take into consideration the technical, environmental and behavioural aspects of your Company. This holistic view drastically reduces the chances of your Company suffering such a lost. In turn this leads to compliance with your Regulator and confidence in your business practices by your consumers.

    We also offer a follow up solution to this consultancy as Lemberger & Associates are able to offer Security Awareness Training, Security Gap Analysis and various remediation solutions.