Forensic Readiness

Have you considered how long your business would be non-productive if the worst should happen and you require a full investigation on your network?

In turn have you ever factored the cost of such an investigation into your budgets? The cost involved not only relates to this non productive time but also to the actual cost of the investigation.

Incident response and forensics can take time and cost a huge amount.

That is unless your Company has the forethought to plan for the worst. Forensic readiness is simply defined as the ability to carry out an investigation with the minimum amount of impact on your business.

This is done by knowing your data, where it is stored, how it can be collected and how to collect it in such a way as to allow it to be admissible in any Tribunals or Criminal Court procedures.

Our Consultants have several years experience in both Law Enforcement and Private Sector Incident Response and Forensic Investigation. Therefore we would be able to help you understand your network, implement suitable solutions and put in place the policies and procedures required for your Company to be prepared for the worst.