Fault Tolerant High-Availability Storage Systems

Backing up your data is considered good practice.

However, what protection do you have in place for your current data from a system failure?
Have you ever considered the downtime associated with restoring the backup data and getting your Company up and running again?

Business continuity is vital in an age where your Company is so reliant on digital storage.

Lemberger & Associates have previous experience building Distributed Replicated Block Device's (DRBD) for several clients. These devices are mirrored storage devices, if one failed it alerts and fails over the the second storage device meaning no downtime. Once the first is fixed, then it resyncs the data so they are mirrored again. They can be located are different sites if desired and for security reasons can be connected via a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

They are highly scalable and due to them being based on open source technology maybe cheaper than other commercial solutions.