Intrusion Detection and Prevention

A network can be protected by automatically alerting or blocking certain types of traffic. This soution sits on the network and monitors all traffic coming and going from the network. It would be your Companies decision, under our advisement, on whether the application merely alerted or if you wanted to proactively block traffic.

Either way these solutions can offer you protection from attacks against your network.

Intrusion detection and prevention systems alert when they locate certain types of traffic. This can include:

  • Mal-formed packets, for instance malformed TCP headers.
  • Malicious content, for instance viruses, WORMs or trojans.
  • Protocol detection and blocking, for instance peer to peer protocols may not be desired.
  • Customised rules to block Company specific requirements.

    The solution Lemberger & Associates implement is an Industry standard solution that has been used for many years by many of our clients.