Incident Response and Forensics

If the worst happens and you believe you have suffered a compromise then Lemberger & Associates can investigate this for you. We can draw on our many years experience carrying out Disk Forensics for Law Enforcement and Network Forensics for large Companies.

If you believe the incident is ongoing we can provide full management of the situation, advising your employees what to do to not only mitigate the incident but also preserve the data to allow a full post incident review (PIR). We can then help with the PIR if required.

If the incident is over when you locate evidence of it we can still help. We can enter your offices, secure the relevant evidence/image information required in such a way that keeps them admissible in UK Courts and then take them away to carry out a full investigation. The result of our investigation would be a Report explaining our findings in laypersons terms so that you or your employees can follow it. We are also qualified to present our findings in a UK Court or to your Board if necessary. We are then able to return all your data to you upon completion for your piece of mind.

Finally, after the above we can offer remediation against a similar breach occurring again.