PCI-DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. This Standard relates to how Company's accept card payments (either online or via a physical machine) or store customer's card data.

If this applies to your Company then you will be required to be PCI-DSS compliant at some point in the near future. As the process can be long winded you may consider it worth while to consider how your Company compares to the Standards now. This will allow you to build any alterations required into coming budgetary decisions instead of having to react quickly when complying with the Standards becomes enforced.

Our Consultants are able to use their previous experience as Security Auditors to give you guidance on the PCI-DSS standards themselves. They are also able to assess your current solutions and guide you in security implementations that will gain you compliance. Finally, we are able to offer remediation services for those who have been recently been audited and have non-compliant systems in need of this.

To review a copy of the most recent PCI-DSS standards please click here.