Penetration Testing

Have you ever considered how open to attack your network is?

Penetration testing (pen test) is a method of evaluating a system's capability to stand up to a simulated attack.

Armed only with an agreement from your Company we will provide you with a report showing what threats your systems are susceptible to. Our testing scope includes internal and external threats. We test for vulnerabilities that may relate to mis-configured devices, poor patching or data leakage that can lead to other attacks. Our final report will not only list these issues but also rank them in criticality to allow you to fix the issues that rank high enough on your risk matrix. The critically ranking will not only take into account the risk of the event but also the level of expertise the attacker would require to carry out the attack.

This solution may involve a vulnerability assessment as part of the simulated attack.

We are also able to offer a remediation server to these threats.