Security Awareness Training

Even the most secure network is subject to the biggest risk of any computer's users.
Having all the right security, in the right places, in your network can not protect you if your employees do not understand the importance of playing their part.

So, how security savvy are your employees, managers, contractors and even Directors/Board members?

If the answer is that you are 'unsure' or 'not very' then you may want to consider providing them with Security Awareness Training.
This is due to the fact that the vast majority of breaches in the network are due to poorly educated users.

Lack of awareness is the reason why simple attacks such as phishing, dumpster diving and other social engineering attacks are so successful. As well as this allowing people to piggy back on physical access to your offices should be considered a compromise.

Not instilling the security mindset into your employees will mean they fail to flag that suspicious mail or challenge unknown visitors to the office.

Our training could drastically reduce the risk your Company faces from those who access it everyday. This training's aim is to turn your ill informed employees into security aware employees.

We are also able to help you review and implement policies that raise the level of security awareness within your Company.