Security Gap Analysis

Security Gap Analysis is also refereed to as a Network Security Audit.

Your Company's network may run smoothly and all the services are available when you need them. You may even have taken steps to keep data secured.

However, was properly securing it considered as it was designed?

Over the past several years the potential for attack has grown exponentially. These attacks can happen from any source, external or internal, and may not relate to stealing data but just to disrupt your services.

At Lemberger & Associates we could help you ensure your security systems are placed appropriately, configured correctly and locate any gaps in your deployed solutions. This audit may simply give you piece of mind that you are doing it correctly, however experience has shown us time and again that a fresh set of eyes reviewing the configurations usually spots issues; however minor.

We offer a remediation service to go hand in hand with this audit if you require it. We could also help you implement a complete solution if you have not considered anything in the past.

We would also be able to help you draw up the appropriate policies to protect your network from misguided/malicious employees. This is because a secure network without the appropriate employee policies leaves you open attack.